Little Brown Myotis – Myotis lucifugus


Everyone’s least favourite part of the warmer weather is the bugs. And one of the largest predators of those pesky bugs is the little brown myotis.

The formerly named “Little Brown Bat” is approximately 5cm long and weighs only 4-8 grams. Its overall colouration is brown and grey with wings tinged blueish-grey. Unfortunately the spreading of fungus-induced White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) has caused a catastrophic decline in North-American bat populations.

White-Nose Syndrome is caused by a fungus which is believed to have been inadvertently brought from Europe to North America. The fungus grows in humid cold environments, such as the caves and mines where little brown bats hibernate. Building a bat house on your property provides a clean and safe dwelling for the little myotis.

Want to learn more on how you can help the Little Brown Bat and make your backyard more enjoyable in the summer? Check out save the bats website!

Please report any unusual bat activity or bat death to the Ministry of Natural Resources at 800-667-1940.