Muskoka’s Small Concert Venue Offers Big Experiences

Since 2008, Michelle & Peter Swanek have been bringing world-class musicians to Muskoka when they opened Peter’s Players, an intimate 88-seat theatre in Gravenhurst. From Joel Plaskett and Johnny Winter to Ron Sexsmith and Jimmie Vaughn renowned musicians have rocked the venue thrilling fans who travel from near and far to partake in a concert experience that makes each guest feel part of the show rather than a spectator.

When arriving at Peter’s you are welcomed onto a licensed patio. As the concert begins, off come your shoes and guests are offered a selection of slippers and indoor footwear options. Once inside the theatre, the room is inviting, intimate and carpeted (hence the need for indoor footwear). The layout, carpeting, and walls all carefully designed with acoustics and guest experience in mind. A bar is tucked away in the corner offering refreshments, snacks, wine and local Craft Beer.

As Peter welcomes everyone to the show, guests have a sense of community and excitement as they acknowledge they are about to see their heroes perform live. Musicians that play in larger venues, often adapt their sets understanding that each person attending is truly engaged and feeling like they have received an exclusive backstage pass.


At intermission, the patio is alive with fans buzzing over the show’s opening moments. Outside the chiminea’s are lit and set-up with S’more roasting stations. As the second set begins the room is fully electric, and the crowd is looking forward to concluding a memorable night unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.

As a Muskoka business, summer is celebrated. Booking your tickets to Peter’s Players may be a tradition that you need to start this year. Scheduled for the 2016 summer concerts include Kiefer Sutherland, Brad Roberts(crash test Dummies), Rich Robinson(Black Crowes) , Jeff Martin(Tea Party) and many more Grammy and Juno award winners.

Want to learn more visit Peter’s Players