As summer students working at the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce we have decided to do blog posts about things we have experienced in town while working! Here is our first blog post about Swing playing at the Gravenhurst Opera House. Check back for more updates on our adventures! 

Swing was an amazing production, entertaining for those of all ages, welcoming everyone from ages 4 to 94.

The actors were amazing, all triple threats, they could each sing, dance and act, almost making it look easy – not to mention the live on stage band was incredible. Although I’m in my early 20s, so the music was not from my era I could still definitely appreciate the talent in the music.

If you haven’t been to the Gravenhurst Opera House, I highly suggest you go check it out. Even if live theatre is not your thing, the building itself is stunning. At over a hundred years old the building is full of rich history, stunning décor and architecture. It is a real historic landmark in Gravenhurst.

Swing is playing at the Opera House until August 25th. Be sure to get your tickets!