The Muskoka Lakes Association and twelve Gravenhurst area lake associations are sponsoring an All Candidates Meeting for candidates running for municipal office in the October election.

The meeting will be held on Thursday August 30th at 6:00pm at the Terry Fox Auditorium, Centennial Centre, Gravenhurst.  All of the 13 candidates running for office in Gravenhurst have indicated they will participate.

Muskoka Lakes Association Director, Jim Davis stated, “Our members have asked us to sponsor this meeting in order that they could hear directly from the candidates before the summer season is over.  Our meeting is not intended to replace the All Candidates Meeting held by the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce, but many seasonal residents find it difficult to attend their meeting held mid-week in October.  We have consulted with the Chamber in order to take advantage of their expertise and experience in running All Candidates Meetings, and we will use a similar format for our meeting.”

The meeting will start at 6:00pm with a 30 minute opportunity to speak to the candidates, one on one, prior to the official start of the meeting at 6:30pm.  A moderator will ask questions of the candidates from a list submitted by members of the lake associations sponsoring the meeting.  Every candidate will be given an opportunity to answer each question.  All members of the public are welcome.

Davis added, “All candidates meetings are an excellent way to help voters decide which candidates are most aligned with their values and deserving of their vote.”

The All Candidates Meeting is sponsored by:

  • Kahshe Lake Rate Payers’ Association
  • Loon & Turtle Lake Cottage Association
  • Muskoka Bay Property Owner’s Association
  • Morrison Lake Ratepayer Association
  • Pine Lake Ratepayers Association
  • South Muskoka Lake Community Association
  • Sparrow Lake Association
  • Muldrew Lakes Cottagers’ Association
  • The Gull & Silver Lakes Residents’ Association
  • Lakeshore Drive Community Association
  • Sunny Lake Cottagers & Ratepayers Association
  • Sunset Bay Cottage Association
  • Muskoka Lakes Association
  • Friends of Muskoka

Media: For further information / interviews contact Jim Davis, Director MLA (705) 220-3430 or