Buckwallow Off Road Trails – 30 km – Novice – Experienced: Buckwallow Cycling Centre is a privately owned business, catering to mountain bike enthusiasts, providing over 3 kms of trails, both single and double track.

Houseys Rapids Loop – 45 km – Intermediate: Start on Jones Road, turn right in Industrial Drive, left on Regional Rd 41 following over Hwy 11 continuing on Doe Lake Road, turn right on Barkway Road, right on Regional Road 6 through Houseys Rapids, turn left on Doe Lake Road continuing back to Gravenhurst.

Lake Muskoka Loop – 96 km – Experienced: Follow Bay Street to Regional Rd 169 N to Bala, continue through Glen Orchard to Regional Rd 118 to Port Carling, continue on 118 to Bracebridge, turn right on Wellington Street, turn right onto Muskoka Beach Road follow back to Gravenhurst.

Muskoka Beach Road Loop – 44 km – Intermediate: Start on Muskoka Beach Road follow north, turn right on Ecclestone Drive, turn right on Regional Rd 1, follow back to highway 11 overpass taking Regional Rd 41 to Gravenhurst.

Uffingon & Germania Loop – 52 km- Intermediate: Start on Jones Road, turn right onto Industrial Drive, left on Regional Rd 41, left on Gravenhurst Parkway, turn right on Reay Road, continue right on Reay Rd to Germania Road, continue until slight right becomes Peterson Rd, right on  Uffington Road, right on Doe Lake Road leading back to Gravenhurst via Regional Rd 41.

For more information, visit the Town of Gravenhurst website