A Cycling Playground!

Buckwallow Cycling Centre is the premier destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. The trail system is fantastic for all ages and abilities. Your adventure will begin in the parking lot. A beginner will feel comfortable as the main trails are nice and wide. If you are more adventurous, single track trails weave their way through the forest. These trails range in difficulty from easy (one hoof) to most difficult (five hoofs).

Ride on the Canadian Shield at the Torrence Barrens. This landscape has been scoured by glaciers washing away soil. This process has left us with some incredible rock ridges to ride on. The trail system is a series of loops ranging from 3-6kms. Trails are marked with stone cairns, white paint on rocks and metal signs.

When in Gravenhurst be sure to visit The Bike Shop to get your copy of the Gravenhurst and Muskoka Cycling Route Map which outlines both road and mountain biking routes.