Brydon’s Bay Trail – 2.3 km – Easy Loop: 1060 Old Portage Rd.         This trail wanders through majestic red and white pine and quiet thickets on the peninsula at the narrows of Lake Muskoka. Close enough to the lake to hear the  gulls, but secluded enough to observe the many woodland creatures.

Chamberlain Trail- 3 km – Easy Loop: 1390 Muskoka Rd. N. & 215 Blanchard St. (The trail can also be accessed by Brydon’s Bay Rd)   This trail travels through a mixture of hardwood forest, open meadow and picturesque neighborhoods; from peaceful forests and craggy rock cuts to well-manicured lawns and flowerbeds.

Devil’s Gap Trail – 6 km – Intermediate Linear: 1040 Muriel Cres. (The trail can also be accessed from Clear Lake in Torrance)     An original colonization route between Gravenhurst and Torrance, and snowmobile trail in the winter. Great photo opportunities include beaver dams, expanse of Canadian Shield, vast marshland and open meadows. A very popular trail with Geocachers!

Hahne Farm Trail – 2-5 km – Easy Linear (Or Loop Via Road): 1106 Bethune Dr. S. & 1009 Pinedale Rd.  (This trail can also be accessed from Woodman’s Chart & Pineridge  Gate behind the water tower)     The trail skirts along Highway 11 and features a stunning granite ridge view that overlooks an environmentally significant wetland and also traverses a mix of hard and softwood forest. Greet visitors next to the Inukshuk at the south end of town!

Kahshe Barrens Trail – 2-4 km – Intermediate 2 Loops: 1342 Highway 11 N.     Consisting of two loops, this trail travels through majestic oaks and evergreens, over granite hills and offers a fantastic view of the beaver pond at Lookout Park.

Leo Heritage Trail – 1.2 km – Easy Linear: 765 John St. S & 475 James St. W.      Following the former rail line to Lake Muskoka, the trail travels between the uptown dog park and the baseball diamond, splash pad, playing field and special events at Muskoka Wharf.

Old Stone Road Trail – 6 km – Intermediate Linear (Or Loop Via Road): 1578 & 1824 N. Muldrew Lake  Rd. (This trail can also be accessed from Southwood Rd)   An original colonization road, this historical route was once an alternate route between Bala & Gravenhurst. Paths of stone mark the trail & huge boulders known as glacial erratics evidence the tremendous powers f the glaciers.

Peninsula Trail – 2 km – Easy Loop: 291 Steamship Bay Rd.   A picturesque mulch-based pathway around the peninsula in Muskoka Bay, with breathtaking views of Lake Muskoka and Muskoka Wharf. Gazebos are located along the way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Trans Canada Trail – 2 km – Novice Loop:     Gravenhurst’s 32 km portion of The Trans Canada Trail travels fro Cooper’s Falls Rd. in the south, at the boundary to Ramara Township, to Muskoka Beach Rd. in the north, at the boundary to the Town of Bracebridge. Several Kilometers of trail are located in wilderness areas travelling through Conservation Reserves and Crown Land, and used as snowmobile trail in the winter months.

Trans-Canada Trail – Cooper’s Falls Section – 8 km – Challenging Linear: 1990 Housey’s Rapids Rd. (The trail can also be accessed from Cooper’s Falls Road)   This challenging and rugged 8 km hike was designed with nature lovers in mind, as it winds its way past beaver ponds, deer habitat and bird nesting areas. The Cooper’s Falls section is just a portion of Gravenhurst’s contribution to t\The Trans Canada Trail system.

Trans-Canada Trail – Urban Section – 16 km – Easy Linear (Or Loop By Road): The trail travels through the urban core from North Shore Dr. at Bethune Dr. N. to the northern trailhead along Muskoka Beach Rd. at the boundary to the Town of Bracebridge.    Following roads, sidewalks and pre-existing trails, it winds its way through the urban core, past parks, beaches and retail stores, restaurants and historic buildings. After leaving the downtown area, the trail follows a scenic route along Muskoka Beach Rd.

The Torrance Barrens – Dark Sky Preserve & Hiking Trails – 9 km – 4 hours – Easy: Torrance, ON P0C 1M0     To access Torrance Barrens, take Hwy 169 from Gravenhurst north to Torrance and turn south onto Clear Lake Road. Alternate road access from Torrance south on Southwood Road (Muskoka Road 13) and travel 7 kilometers to the Torrance Barrens sign.

For more information visit the Town of Gravenhurst website