Southwood Road, Gravenhurst, Ontario, P0C 1M0, Canada

Take Muskoka Road 169 north from Gravenhurst or south from Bala. Turn south on Southwood Road (Muskoka Road 13) and travel 7 kilometres to the Torrance Barrens sign. Park on the flat rock. The trail is marked with stone cairns, white marks on rocks and metal signs. A map of the trails can be found onsite.

Main Trail (3.0 km) The main trail circles Highland Pond, which is a relatively large shallow pond surrounded by floating fen mats that provide habitat for several species of orchids including the white fringed orchid, rose pogonia and Calopogon. A large intermediate fen extends off the western end of the pond. This sedge dominated wetland provides a field habitat for Vesper sparrow, Savannah sparrow and bobolink.

Barrens Extension (6.0 km) Accessed from the main trail, this extended loop takes the visitor around another large fen and past a working beaver dam and house.

Pine Ridge Trail (5 km) Immediately north of Highland Pond this trail runs northwest to southeast along the southern shore of Pine Lake. It can be accessed from the main trail. This trail is the best example of the ‘ridge and trough’ pattern that characterizes the Barrens landscape.